Hungry, you free thinkers?!

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

As soon as I left Anne Fauteux’ exhibition mid-June, I went to a little cafĂ© on Dovercourt between Queen & Dundas. I wanted to taste the other custommer’s food, but their plates were either empty or almost. So my friend Penelope & I ordered food and we took pleasure at picking at eachother’s plates. Yum, that was yummy!!
Still wearring my badge : “Licence to pick in other people’s plates”, I got to the sausage stand in front of the Central train station. No one was around, so I couldn’t pick… I had a veggy doggy with sauerkraut, mustatrd and pickles! Ohhh la la!
In the train back to Montreal… no food looked appealling enough to pick from. So I had my own prepared lunch. What more can i say???
I’ll try again soon, don’t worry…
Hungry me