Ok, I’m ready for my license-day. This are my 70s shoes, I even found a matching green blouse in my wardrobe. The shoes are so cool, only on my feet they looks strange. I feel more elegant and taller, kind of ‘Barbie’ aura. But ‘walking’ sounds awful. I’m always wearing flat shoes and walk quite fast. Maybe because my boyfriend is almost two meters I’m a quick walker. One step of him is two of my and I do have a ‘heavy’ step. That’s why I sound like a marching soldier on my heels. Not elegant and feminine at all. But I will try to pas my license.
I started the day working on my computer, not bad at all, sitting with high heel shoes. After my computer work I went to my studio on the attic of our building. That’s when I started to feel very uncomfortable. First the sound of going up the staircase and there are three apartments under my studio where people live. I always move around a lot, so after half an hour I took of my shoes and put on my ‘crocs’. I like to work quietly and silently. If I was getting distressed by my own footsteps, how would it sound to my fellow occupants?! After work I descended the staircase on my bare feet.
I have to confess that I did my quick, round the corner shopping’s with my sandals on. But back home I felt guilty immediately. I promised myself to do this thing the hole day and now I was skipping it. So I decided I would be brave and finish my license day with the same enthusiasm as I started it. I walked to and from the sports club on my ‘license-shoes’ and kept them on the whole evening after. It is almost 23.00 hours, my toes start to hurt. I released the straps around my ankles a few hours ago, so I could wobble my feet now and then. In a while I call it a day and sit down with a nice glass of wine and naked feet. But……. without this license I actually don’t think I would ever have worn these shoes, now I will for a party night!