I walk the waters edge

in rhythm with the every other wave that laps the shore

little steps along the beach

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

My license to slow down for a day has an extension on it so that I can take it back to the farm where I live and work and work and work. I am on a working holiday now in the city and have been feeling the rush and speed of this place in my veins.

I have been using my license to slow down in moments and really take things in around me.

Its practice for the big event a day where I will let the children and their father fend for themselves. Where i will let the weeds in the garden grow. The berries go to the birds and back to the soil. All the projects that “need” to be done will rest and I will slowly breath and let my inspiration lead me.

So for now I use my license in moments.

On the beach in georgian bay.

walking the waters edge

I slow my steps

in rhythm with the waves

I can see from the corners of my eyes people looking at me in wonder

as I stop from time to time

to bend down

and take a closer look at some rock that has caught my eye