Happy Day

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008


I did not notice at the time of choosing that when I would show my license to someone it would tell them that I saw them as less fortunate than myself.

Fortunately I managed to navigate this distraction. I had had in mind a particular person whom I encounter on the street in my neighbourhood. I have refused the impulse to make contact countless times, on account of my own discomfort. When the first opportunity that I recognized came less than a block away from Mercer Union, I let go of my insistence on a narrow point of view (like NOT pressing on a sore tooth to make sure it still hurts).

A massive guy stood outside the restaurant at the corner making barbeque. Another fellow rolled out of the door, arms outstretched towards me, proclaiming loudly, “I LOVE you ; let me buy you some barbeque!” I watched him visibly restrain himself from throwing his arms around me. I think maybe I remind him of his mother. For a moment I wished I’d chosen the “license to become disinhibitited without the influence of alcohol,” but realize it is he who needs that one. I’d like to throw my arms around him for all the mothers and sons that are separated by thousands of miles but I am afraid, he’s too drunk. Although I had no appetite to accept his offer of food, we stayed there in close eye contact until we were both sure we have shared the generosity of the moment. I still wish I could have hugged him.