Three birds with one stone

Three birds with one stone, wow! This was on July 4th at the Drake cafĂ©, while sitting at the next table, a couple of Finns and a Japanese lady (this is getting exotic…) I have to confess that the further my licenses can travel, the happier I am. Of course a virtual trip into the parallel bit-world is also very satisfying.

The three friends had a serious talk about their boundaries and hidden fantasies before all three engaged in taking licenses from the lining of my vest. One of them suggested I should bring my licenses to the psychology department at U of T. His input for a new license was “License to be disinhibited while sober” because he could only meet “the monster” as he calls it (his suppressed personality) when he was drunk non stop for three days, and would like to be more conscious when it happens. I thought this license was the most representative of what I’m inviting people to do with this project: go beyond their presumed capacities and meet a part of themselves they’re not very acquainted with.

My own “mission” as a licensee (with a license to give licenses) is to live my own invented system, the Licentious Anonymous project. That led me to meet my own “monsters”, namely the obsessive/perfectionist, the lazy, the broker/matchmaker, the dreamer, the systematic/micro-manager and many others, all fighting for a front seat.

Today is the last day at the gallery, but not the last as a Licentious Anonymous agent. The project will continue online with the possibility of getting a license though e-mail, and live, whenever I feel like dressing up and turning into an office on two legs out and about in the world. Here is what my nomadic office looks like. I’m looking forward to meeting you or hearing from you through e-mail (go to CONTACT).