it’s already a bit unruly…

and it pretty much has a mind of its own, yet I often do try to keep it in line.

My hair, that is.

Ever since I was a kid, if a person makes a remark about my appearance, it is usually to say something about my hair.  There was a time when this really bothered me.  My mom likes to tell stories about how as a toddler I used to respond indignantly to people (generally older women) who commented on my hair:

“Where did you get such lovely hair?”

“I was born with it!  What do you think?!”


“Look at your beautiful red, curly hair!”

“It’s not red, it’s blue!”

Anyhow, while reactions to my hair don’t bother me anymore (and I’ve learned to take a complement when it comes), I find that when I’m concerned about my appearance I tend to think about my hair.  I have learned over the years what helps keep it less frizzy, and developed various strategies that have become second nature:  not brushing it when it’s dry (which is rule #1 for curly hair.  I am sad to say that being from a family of folks with straight hair, this realization came quite late for me.  A good decade or so of my life was spent as a frizz ball), I also pin it up to dry, try to avoid over-washing it, etc.  While this routine doesn’t require very much effort or time, my hair is something that I am aware of perhaps more than I need to be.  I am interested in the challenge of pushing my comfort zone around my physical appearance by letting it (and making it) be really big and untamed.

[As a side note, I told my mom about this license, and she raised her eyebrows.  She thinks that my hair is already really big and untamed.  She obviously doesn't appreciate the vast potential that curly hair has for bigness...and it is vast.]

So…here is a picture of my hair on a pretty typical day.  Big, yes…and a tad frizzy, but believe it or not, I would say this under control.  In fact, this would be a pretty good hair day in my world.