chip chip, peck peck

So it’s quite cliched, but I believe there is something that maxim of “baby steps” when trying something new. Or, as my grandmother puts it “chip chip, peck peck…when you’re faced with a mountain, the only think you can do is chip chip, peck peck.”

I like just “chip chip, peck peck” for short.

Anyhow, I decided my chips and pecks would take the form of exposing myself and my hair to as many as possible of the natural phenomena that usually conspire to undo any efforts at tameness. These include, but are not limited to: wind, rain, sleeping, exercise, and hats.

So, I strategically put me and my hair through:

-two rain storms

-a 40 minute drive on the 401, windows down

-two sleeps

-a bicycle helmet (worn approximately 2 hours)

-a day of cleaning

-an hour and a half of yoga

-a long(ish) bus ride

I actually took pictures over the two day time period of this experiment, but there weren’t really too many differences that were easily observable incrementally. However, when taken cumulatively, these events did result in some pretty decent poofiness.  Or maybe just a little poofiness, but hey.

Chip chip, peck peck, right?

(this one\'s black and white because the colour was just too darn strange).