the full enchilada

So, after waking up without too many more noticeably poofly locks, I decided to just dive on into the world of maximum frizz this morning.

I brushed my hair.

You can watch the slightly painful process, if you’d like. My hair made a horrible sound as I tried to pull the brush through it.

(I will have to upload the video later…I’m having a few problems at the moment…)

The interesting thing is that I’ve gone about my day and nobody has said anything about my hair. I’ve even been wearing the badge in full view thinking that it might help in any explanations that may come up. But no one has said a word. Is everyone just too polite? Or is it maybe not so noticeable?


So no one has asked any questions, and no one has offered any judgements (positive or negative).

I mostly have just been noticing how strange my hair is whenever I pass by a mirror, or when the wind blows through it (that feels super weird).  Although, I did spent a good part of the day walking around feeling hyper-conscious.  When I start to think about it too hard, I also feel a bit grimy. Like I’d really like to jump in the shower this very instant and wash my hair have things go back to their usual level of (un)tameness.

I just might do that later on.