poofy hair

Here is the hair brushing video…

why I don’t usually brush my hair

For the record, people eventually did say something about my hair.  I ran into some friends downtown.  Mostly they seemed to be impressed by the amount of space my hair was capable of occupying.  They laughed, but in a friendly and bemused way.

Also for the record, I did go home and have a bath.  And let my hair dry all poofy.  A thorough washing didn’t help get rid of the grimy feeling.  So, I have deduced that the feeling of being kind of dirty when I have big and untamed hair has to do with all those little strands being around my face.  I find that it helps to tie a scarf around my head, headband style.  Even still, I don’t really recognize myself in the mirror, and feel generally strange.

Yesterday I went back to the average degree of (un)tameness, but I will experiment some more before this month is up.