jo san, jo san!

Well folks. My language “lesson” didn’t quite go as expected. Not only did I NOT get to, “can you teach me to make dumplings” it seems I couldn’t quite get past “jo san” (good morning). As I enthusiastically pointed at the Chinese characters in my book and uttered jo san, jo san, the grandmother kept saying “good morning” “good morning” back to me waving her thumbs up at me and laughing. I did try to move on to “my name is” but seems for the first lesson she wanted me to master “jo san”. Since there are between six and ten tones in Cantonese…chances are, I could have been mispronouncing it. I mean, I might have thought I was saying good morning and I could really have been saying nice hat, or eat peaches, eat peaches. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up! Thanks for the license!