What are my own fantasies

Here I am with a serious mandate: to give people permissions, then send them on a mission. I never thought it would be so complex to have people stop and ponder their secret desires, dissatisfactions, or taboos. So far, I think the trend is quite “social conventions” driven. Maybe because the licenses are more or less “performance prescriptions” and most of them demand to be fulfilled publicly.

I’m still pondering my own fantasies, as I have to issue licenses that must be a reflection of my own laziness, shyness, blocks, or dreams, fantasies, romanticism and unrealistic optimism.

So far I have published ten of my own licenses, among which two are already out of print (in 3 copies each). I’m looking forward to hearing from the people who took them. It will surely inspire me in one way or another. It’s been a week already since I started to give licenses on a regular basis, and I realize why procrastination is a silent enemy. Losing momentum would sabotage my “mission”. Therefore, this week, I’m coming out of the closet, I mean my main office at Mercer Union, 37 Lisgar street (Queen Street West), Toronto. This is what the Licentious Anonymous office looks like.

You’ll find me trading licenses in the streets on sunny days, but I won’t know when or where until I get there. You can recognize me as I’m always wearing that vest, on the chair, with a BOLM logo on the back.

And this is what a license card looks like before it is folded or cut to become a badge.