What is Licentious Anonymous?

“From permission to mission”

Licentious Anonymous is a new department of BOLM (Bureau des objets lyriques migrateurs / Bureau of Migrating Lyrical Objects). It offers support for people who could benefit from more freedom, courage, and creativity in their lives, and guarantees anonymity in its feedback system.

How to get a license?

1. Go to the Licentious Anonymous office in person at Mercer Union or meet, by chance, our field agent in the city. You will recognize her by the BOLM logo on her back.

2. Choose among the many licenses available, one that will allow you to do something you wouldn’t otherwise dare, think, or make time to do. All licenses have been conceived by previous beneficiaries.

3. Pay for the license you picked by inventing a replacement inspired by your own frustrated desires.

4. Allow the Licentious Anonymous agent to take a picture of your body part involved in this new license action. This picture will appear on the new license card you’ve created. Someone else may choose your license and carry out your wish.

How to use a license?

1. Cut the DIY badge out of the postcard, fold it and attach it to your chest with the safety pin. This will impress your audience while performing the action required by the license.

2. Report on the use of your license through the weblog. If you can’t blog, please phone Mercer Union at 416-536-1519 and your story will be recorded. The license is only valid for up to one month in your possession. It becomes invalid if use is not reported within 72 hours of issue.

What is in the weblog?

There, you will find the reports on the use of issued licenses: what happened to the licensees when they attempted to vicariously realize the fantasies of others. You can search by license number, date, or body part involved in the execution of the license action. You will not find any name, as anonymity is a prerequisite for confession.